Game Under Podcast 92

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Special Twin Peaks Intro
Final Thoughts on Virginia
0:01:12 Virginia & What's Makes an Indy Game Indy?
0:02:48 Virtual Review
0:07:30 Surrealism
0:09:02 Tom's Questions About America

0:10:51 A Small Continuation & New Scoring System

Feature: The State of Indie Development
0:16:13 Indie Game Development Mirroring Early Game Development
0:23:45 Constraints of Risk on Commercial Development and the Constraints of Canon on Development in General
0:27:20 Creative Frameworks Limited by Development Philosophy
0:38:24 Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should

Feature: Distribution
0:39:50 Indie Wave in Film and Correlation to Indie Games
0:48:48 Sacrilege
0:53:01 Discovery
0:56:00 Game Score Archive
0:57:17 Us Being as Arrogant as Possible

Apology Section - Overtime Segment
1:01:36 Tom Forces Phil to Apologize - Our Review of That Dragon, Cancer