Game Under Podcast 83

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0:00:47 Witness Pre-amble

First Impressions, Both Hosts
0:05:00 The Witness
0:23:10 The Influence of Myst
0:37:33 How About The Talos Principle?
0:41:55 Is $40 Too Much For This Game?

0:45:29 ACE Team's Body of Work and Tom's Review of Deadly Tower of Monsters

Trademark Banter
0:53:29 Saint's Row on PSP, Greater Discussion of Sain't Row Franchise

1:02:20 Phil Fogg's Personal GOTY Awards "The Foggies"
1:46:15 Fogg's Complete List of Games for 2015

Trademark Banter
1:53:11 Endless Backlog GOTY