Game Under Podcast 72

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0:00:22 Worst Intro Evah...

Trademark Banter
0:00:50 Tim Keenan Ousting Phil Fogg on the Show?
0:02:47 Duskers Reception
0:05:38 Tom Launches New Segment
0:07:23 Ernest Cline's New Book, Armada and Some Discussion About Writing
0:16:00 Tom's first Exposure to Video Games
0:18:25 MGS5 Impressions Coming Next Week

Indie Roundup
0:19:10 The Westport Independant
0:20:56 Mike Bithell's New Game, Volume

First Impressions from Both Hosts
0:22:31 Return of the Obra Din (Developer's Build)

First Impressions from Tom Towers
0:34:40 Amnesia: Memories

Ongoing Impressions from Tom Towers
0:40:52 Rocket League

Breaking Trademark Banter
0:53:31 Micheal Turnbull Retires

Final Thoughts (and Scores)
0:55:42 Splatoon