Game Under Podcast 77

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2:52: The Sand Table’s Irrelevance of Game Design

Anything said by anyone working at Naughty Dog is carefully composed enough that it is ultimately meaningless, so one cannot draw any real conclusions from such statements: an artist's primary and only motivation in their public discourse is to promote their own commercial work, after all…

 But when I can confuse the writer of The Last of Us and Uncharted, while noting their differences in technique, it does raise certain questions...about my literacy, and Naughty Dog's authenticity.


Or simply that they did not like the ending because that made dude a dick, and they never woulda done that themselves because they’ve lived a very sheltered life.

 17:07: A Disingenuous Vision of Games Journalism

Watergate…I mean, that’s just like leaking the script to a game in production, right?


Running over Devolver Digital in my Journalist Bus without checking e-mail and article dates, because I’m a videogame journalist. Just don’t sue me for slander, please. I’m a journalist! I have rights!


Critical of its own fictional bullshit in a story that then did not yet exist…in the public domain—wait, I’d inadvertently leaked the Hotline Miami 2 script? Fuck me, no wonder it was banned in Australia.


I have an acrimonious relationship with the English language, journalists, the English and Americans. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi! oi! oi!

 42:38: Post-Script

I dabble in sensational journalistic incompetence.


I share my delusions of grandeur, inspired by The Sand Table.