Game Under Podcast 42

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00:01:00 Tom Towers Fact Checker

Trademark Banter
00:01:14 Retraction
00:04:40 Broken Controllers and Limbs and Karting
00:10:49 Ukraine

First Impressions
00:12:50 Earth Defense Force 2025

38:45 Why is the West so bad at making third-person shooters?

49:55 Tony Hawk News
56:30 The Development of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
1:02:50 Diablo 3 Interview
1:03:20 XB1 "Pricedrop"
1:13:30 MGS5 Ground Zeroes Pricedrop
1:16:50 SEGA Money Problems? Not Quite
1:18:00 Pokemon Twitch