Game Under Podcast 45

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Trademark Banter
0:01:00 Self Promotion and otherwise.
0:03:20 VR Hysteria or Justified?
0:04:50 Precise Control Versus Immersiveness.
0:06:40 Tom Says VR Controls are Half-Ass
0:07:55 Kinect 2 the Solution?
0:10:15 No Tomprimises!

0:14:00 Oculus Bought for $2 Billion.
0:15:40 Companies as Evil or More Than Facebook.
0:17:45 What if Nintendo Bought Oculus Rift?
0:18:24 I am Error.

First Impressions
0:18:29 Broken Age.
0:18:46 Gaming in the 386 Era.
0:19:34 FAQs Killed Adventure Games?
0:21:44 Patching Games Killed Adventure Games?
0:22:00 Who had more influence on modern adventure games? Sierra or Lucas Arts?
0:23:03 Amatuers Making Games and uncalled for Sessler bashing.
0:24:06 Shiggy is a Fraud.
0:25:03 Why Indy Games are Awesome.
0:25:40 A Hallmark Moment.
0:26:30 Runic Games Breaks Up.
0:27:51 Sony Insider Banned from GAF.
0:31:52 The God of War Curse.
0:33:19 Jesus to Blame?
0:33:47 Back to Sessler - Schafer is a Phony and a Fraud.
0:36:55 Broken Age - The Actual First Impressions.
0:46:40 Back to Deadly Premonition and Shakespear.
0:55:25 Compared to Psychonauts and Grim Fandango.
0:56:03 Scripts Appropriate to Visual Design.
0:57:58 Soundtrack.

Final Impressions
1:01:14 Homefront
1:02:45 Great intro, and straight out of Last of Us.