Game Under Episode 37

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0:01:15 Inroducing David

Trademark Banter
0:01:45 Flying Phil Heats Up
0:02:05 T-Shirt Talk
0:05:00 Introducing "Zazu" the Parakeet
0:07:35 Galah Talk
0:08:25 Famous Birds in Gaming

Feature: Annual Sales Wrap-Up
0:10:20 December Sales (NPD)
0:18:00 2013 Sales (Top Ten)
0:27:15 Lifetime Sales
0:33:00 Dankey Kang
0:53:20 Hardware Sales

Feature: Nintendo
0:55:00 The Sitch
1:01:24 Nintendo Adjusts Estimates Down
1:07:01 Iwata Melts Down
1:09:44 Mario DLC
1:12:30 How to Fix Nintendo
1:26:01 Drop the Wii U?
1:34:55 How to Fix Nintendo Part 2

David's GOTY
1:42:11 Well, GOTY