Game Under Episode 10

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E3 Reactions
0:07:25 Microsoft Apologizes for Rape
0:09:50 The Price - Would we buy it?
0:16:00 The Games - MGS5, Dead Rising 3, Forza, Quantum Break and discussion of FMV games, The Last Express, Ryse, Killer Instinct,
0:30:05 We Declare RARE Dead
0:31:20 D4 From SWERY65
0:32:45 PSN+ Coming to XBLive
0:33:55 Synopsis of Microsoft Conference
0:36:35 The Physical Box
0:38:55 No DRM. Bam!
0:42:55 $399. Bam!
0:43:55 Mic Drop
0:47:50 Bye-bye Free Multiplayer (Tom and Phil fight over $5)
0:55:35 Tom posits, "How did they get away with it?"
0:57:20 The Games - GT6, GTA5, Last of Us, Beyond, FF15, Kingdom hearts 3, Assassin's Creed, Diablo 3.
0:58:20 Diablo 3 Discussion - or not?
1:00:00 Vita Stuff
1:01:05 Last Guardian News
1:01:40 Synopsis of Sony Conference
1:04:15 WTFinal Fantasy 15 (and Phil says what Square Should Do)
1:08:40 Tom Says They "Won" E3
1:10:10 Phil "Ahems" Then Says Nintendo Did Great but ...
1:10:45 Phil Melts Down on how Racist Nintendo Is
1:13:00 Phil continues in his normal tone, and says that Nintendo is doing fine
1:13:20 Tom Brings Up Cammy
1:14:55 A 3D Mario! In 2D!
1:20:05 Super Smash Bros.
1:21:30 Pokemonx and Pokemony
1:22:45 We Declare Retro Dead
1:27:05 Third Party Games
1:28:10 Eidos. Whores.

First Impressions
1:30:35 Last of Us First Impressions from Phil

Aural Reviews
1:47:55 Uncharted: Drakes Fortune (An Aural Review) - and some Jurassic Park Talk, and some lesbian room-mate talk. Okay, that was link bait. Sorry.
2:36:45 Metro 2033 (An Aural Review) 

3:14:40 Phil Fogg's Uncharted Review: The Musical.