Game Under Episode 4

Before getting into the news of the week Tom and Phil go over all the latest GTA5 news and focus on the evolution of the popular franchise

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GTA Special
0:07 GTA Through the Ages
24:15 We Watch the Latest Trailer

37:22 Welcome to the Show!
39:45 One Last GTA Thing: Odin Sphere and how it is like GTA.

50:05 Eternal Darkness Sequel
58:19 3D Mario Coming by October
1:00:57 Respawn on Durango Only

YakuzaKillzONE Minute
1:06:48 Killzone and PS4 Controller
1:08:47 Yakuza Restaurant Shoot-out

Game Impressions
1:11:40 Dyad
1:35:18 Resistance 3