Game Under Episode 35

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0:00:18 How did we get here?
0:01:35 Phil gets some retail therapy.
0:07:37 Robotic parrot protects Phil.
0:09:37 D-oh!
0:11:17 Tom Towers BUYS SOMETHING!

0:23:56 Types of gamers.
0:25:36 What type of gamer is Phil Fogg?
0:27:44 What type of gamer is Dave Ader?
0:29:18 What type of gamer is Tom Towers?
0:34:54 The problem with appreciating games.
0:38:42 What does a typical gamer like?
0:42:28 Tom Tower's tells tragic truth.
0:47:00 Phil's Hierachy of Sensory Input (He forgets spoken word).
0:52:07 Tom Towers origin story.
0:55:40 Phil predicts demise of technological art.
0:58:20 Tom explains love of games.

You are on your own from here :)