Game Under Episode 33

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0:00:16 Rob from Joins Us

First Impressions From Rob
0:06:01 Super Mario World 3D
0:13:55 Ducktails
0:21:55 SEGA Arcade Classics 3D
0:27:00 2DS Impressions

First Impressions from Tom
0:30:35 Steamworld Dig (PC)

Turning Point
0:34:02 Skylanders Swapforce
0:39:30 Assassin's Creed: Black Flag
0:41:50 QWOP

First Impressions of Steamworld Dig Continues
0:43:45 Steamworld Dig
1:01:30 How Puzzle Games Get Big

First Impressions from Phil
1:16:00 Antichamber
1:35:30 Metro 2033

1:44:45 Al Lowe Takes High Ground 
1:51:15 Mandela Dies 
1:55:45 Pokemon Bank Has Annual Subscription 
1:59:00 Gran Turismo 6 Sales Low in Japan 
2:04:30 YouTube Drops ban Hammer on Gamers