The VGPress Returns

Reports of the demise of The VG Press website were apparently premature as the site returned to full functionality earlier today.

Some had speculated that the site’s founder and lead developer, Yodariquo, had closed the site, with some reporting that a farewell message could be found on the “deep net”. Phil Fogg, noted game media executive producer, and co-host of the popular Australian gaming podcast, The Game Under Podcast, when asked of the outage responded on PSN stating, “No, must be an admin thing.”

The early today.

The early today.

His co-host, Tom B. Towers, contacted Yodariquo through an arcane emergency alert system they had established in earlier years when producing, The Press Room, a notoriously poorly produced, and eventually failed podcast.

Yodariquo explained what had happened just hours ago, “Praise Tom B. Towers for giving me a heads up! The DNS completely died for no reason. Like, not pointing to the wrong place, but stopped considering itself DNS anymore. Redirected the domain to a new DNS setup on my VPS hosting and it's all good.”

Robio, a site contributor known for his nude YouTube appearance spruicking Oreo cookies, when asked for comment stated, “Holy [expletive]! Site back up!!!” Robio did not respond to questions about his use of a triple exclamation mark.