Top Ten Games for Hardcore Gamers - Part 4

  1. As we close out our list of the Top Ten Games for Hardcore Gamers, let’s re-visit the selection of the editorial board:
    10. Yourself!Fitness (Physically demanding)
    9. Marc Ecko Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure (Controversial as hell!, and Fashion)
    8. SimEarth (Mentally draining)
    7. WWE Smackdown! vs. RAW 2006 (Patience testing)
    6. Gran Turismo 2 (Demanding of time, concentration, commitment)
    5. Dota 2 (It’s Dota 2)
    4. Richard Burns Rally (Unrelentingly hard simulation of Rally Sport)
    3. Sneak King (Painful)
    2. Microsoft Flight Simulator (Beat this game and you are on your way to being a pilot)




Dance Dance Revolution -  1998 Arcade and Many Others
Konami, through its Bemami series, had been offering up fun accessory based rhythm games for years, and while overshadowed by Guitar Hero and Rockband, they predated both games and provided very direct inspiration. The one stand-out for Konami in this category, is Dance Dance Revolution (DDR).

In both the arcade and home versions the player stands on a mat that has the directional and face buttons placed much like a tic-tac-toe board, and uses their feet to press the buttons in co-ordination with the prompts on the screen that appear in time with the music. (Ever tried explaining something everyone already knows about using words?  That’s hardcore!).

Speaking of hardcore, this game tops our list as it requires dedication, training, repetition, co-ordination, talent and a sense of humour. But uniquely DDR  also requires the player to overcome humility and fear in the name of fun.  Gamers who are usually secure behind their monitors and on their couches must get up, look silly, feel cool and dance to succeed in the game.

A critical success that stands the test of over two decades, DDR is still fun today, and requires as much grit as ever, which is why it tops our list of the Top Ten Games for Hardcore Gamers.