Postcards From Silent Hill

I happened to be up in the early morning (watching Australia lose to Peru) after finishing Silent Hill so, as one does after completing what is widely considered to be one of the most terrifying games ever, I decided to go on a walk in the dead of night*—only to discover I had been transported to the foggy fairyland of Silent Hill itself!

I wouldn't advise parking here.

I decided to document my discoveries as if I've learnt anything at all from classic horror games, it's that you must make a record of what you witness; if only so you may continue once you die. But rather than put pen to notebook or ink ribbon to typewriter, I made a photographic record instead. Which is a completely different mechanic from Siren that has nothing to do with saving, but discovering ghosts.**


Luckily I survived.

—And maybe I even found a ghost or two?

You be the judge.

Oh! And please look forward to my full impressions of Silent Hill, coming in episode 103 of the Game Under Podcast! 

As you can see here, it really is fog; not just the auto-focus failing in lowlight.

*The early morning being the night is a bit confusing, isn't it?

**I think. I haven't actually played it.