The Goonies II

After we talked about The Goonies in the last episode of the podcast I looked through the library to pull out my copy of The Goonies II, the game for which there is no eponymous movie.

It's in great shape, wish I had the box.

It's in great shape, wish I had the box.

I was pleased to find it in very good shape. The cartridge looks like the day it was made with no aging whatsoever.  The manual is also pristine, but for a code that is written on it.  So what is the game about?  Let's go to the manual:

They're back! Kookie old Ma Fratelli and her slime-ball sons have returned to wreak havoc in your neighbourhood. And this time they've not only kidnapped your Goonie buddies, but your good friend, Annie the Mermaid, as well. What a bunch of low lifes, this Fratelli Gang.
Now it's up to you, the last Goonie left, to save the day. But it won't be easy. You'll have to be a quick thinker and a fast tracker to pull off this mission -- you'll have to be a regular Super Goonie to succeed! So good luck, and good riddance to Ma, her boys, and all the scuzzy cohorts awaiting your adventure into the Fratelli zone.

So Tom, there is your answer to the plot of Goonies II.  I guess I have no choice but to play this game now and see if I am a Super Goonie.

EDIT: Interesting to note that Tom's idea in the podcast became a feature article (not his) four months later:

- Phil Fogg