Vanquish (PC) - First Impressions

Amid the E3 announcements that Skyrim is coming to every past, present and future system I’ve decided to write a little update on the PC port of Vanquish. If you don’t know what Vanquish is, well, think Gears of War with the focus on chain-smoking and insane mobility rather than muscle-flexing and cover-shooting.

The great news is that Vanquish runs buttery smooth with a fully unlocked framerate, looks extremely crisp in up to 4k resolutions and boots up insanely quick. So quick, in fact, that you barely have any time to read any hints. And in the most surprising twist of all the keyboard and mouse controls actually feel better in general than the controller controls. It really shouldn’t surprise me that they’re more precise, but both mouse acceleration and input lag are all too common in ports like these.

The bad news is that the game is pretty buggy. Some users report crashes, random FPS drops and, in my case, there’s an annoying ‘write error’ bug that pops up every time it autosaves. It saves, but it doesn’t think it does. The developers are working relentlessly to patch the game, even through a bank holiday to fix the widely reported FPS damage bug. I have no doubts that these kinks will be ironed out sooner rather than later, with my full review to follow.

 - Aaron Mullan