They Do What Game Undoesn't*

When there are no new episodes of the Game Under podcast, what is there to listen to, really? The Endless Backlog podcast, sure, but what if you've listened to all their episodes? Then there's literally only two other options, Sup, Holmes and the Bithell Games podcast.

The former is a series of interviews conducted by Jonathan Holmes who, amid being born, getting fat, tired and bald, found the time to interview some of the luminaries of the indie gaming world, from Jonathon Blow to Zoe Quinn. But the best introduction to his work, I think, is his interview with Lorne Lanning. 

Lorne Lanning, co-founder of Oddworld, has no qualms about openly criticising his contemporaries, swearing and making reference to other mediums or—gasp!—the world at large, regardless of the context of the interview. This makes him the perfect subject for interviewing. Yet this completely normal—in the gaming world eccentric—way of speaking often brings out the worst in the interviewer, compelling them to interrupt him, change the subject, or attempt to appear as well-versed in the subject of which he speaks by making contrived references of their own to related articles they've read.

Jonathon Holmes simply lets the man speak or, when relevant, is willing to join in to keep the conversation going by using for reference his own personal experience and opinions—or his own interpretation of outside sources.

- Tom Towers

Phil Fogg here, and since I've been summoned from the grave to contribute something, I'd absolutely endorse the Bithell Games podcast.  Number one, they put up a show on a regular basis, which I've always believed is key to the success of any podcast, it certainly holds true for us.

Secondly, like our podcast, they always keep things concise and on-point resulting in a podcast that is a short, crisp presentation of well-constructed thoughts. Beyond that though, what Bithell Games Podcast provides that you cannot get anywhere else is an insight into how a small development house is run, with interviews with all types of people who are never usually given voice in games enthusiast publishing. Beyond that, Mr. Bithell, (and the other host), are charming enough fellows to listen to.

- Phil Fogg

*Specifically, produce new episodes. Which isn't actually true of Sup, Holmes. - ed