Phil Fogg, Around the World in 128 Days

Well, it's been 128 days since our last podcast, and strangely that is exactly how long it took for me to get around the world in the game 80 Days, which is a touch-pad version of my namesake's voyage Around the World in Eighty Days.

Not be the first time.

Not be the first time.

It is surprising how little interest my name, Phil Fogg, has brought over my lifetime. Fortunately for me all of my schoolyard bullies were illiterate, and even since then my name is rarely recognized name as being shared by one of Jules Verne's most notable characters.

As for the game, which was awarded Time magazine's Game of the Year in 2014, (a selection that only served to confirm that the last time Time got anything more wrong was in 1938), I was left not feeling fully serviced.  But I'll save that for a review.

- Phil Fogg