The Works of Vision Scape Interactive

Entertainment site IGN writes of The Land Before Time Great Valley Racing Adventure, "Who knew that dinosaurs could race cars at all, let alone drive so professionally?" To which I ask, "Who knew you can’t spell ignorant without IGN?" given that this is a competitive running game, not a vehicular racer. They also list the developer as being TDK Mediactive (sic) when any visitor to (admittedly now-defunct) knows that Vision Scape Interactive produced the game.

Only a team on their level could release (just six months later) Razor Racing, and then two months later release X-Bladez.  For their final game, Vision Scape took their time and eleven months later released SeaBlade for the Xbox. 

The company, founded in San Diego, California,  by husband and wife team Tammy and Matt McDonald, had a knack for landing some bankable licensed games.  The McDonalds continued to work at a number of game development houses after the studio closed and have kpet active up until very recently.  Regardless of the quality of their games, the studio demonstrated a disciplined approach, which is likely why they were able to attract so much contract work.

Fortunately for you, dear reader, I have a copy of their first and last game, so I am dedicating a significant amount of time and energy into reviewing the bookends of this studio's work in an upcoming series.