Collecting Bratz and Catz

For the first time in a long time I find myself justifying a purchase.

Rational thoughts, rational thoughts.

Rational thoughts, rational thoughts.

Last week I bought a Game Boy Advance SP, as seen above. I already have one of course, and it is certainly the dopest form factors for the GBA (though the micro has a better screen). This one came with 15 games that I do not already own, which was the main selling point.  Forget the fact that those 15 consist of two Catz games, two Bratz games and two SpongeBob games. It was a chance to get another GBA SP and 15 games I don't own, so my choice was rational (right?)

When President of the Candid Collectors' Union this purchase would not have been anything even worth commenting on, because back then one would buy a game if it was a game that had not yet been added to the collection, without question or judgement.  This is the first such purchase in years that has drawn me back to those times, and I am experiencing a blend of exultation and mild regret. Yes I have the games, but toward what end?

Many reviews for the Game Under Podcast audience I am assuming.

- Phil Fogg