DS Styles Might Change

So a couple of years ago I attended what our US audience would know as a "county fair" and what our Australian audiences would know as a "Show".  I don't know what our Belgian or UK audiences know these things as, but basically is an economic opportunity for travelling "carnies" or carnival workers who construct amusement rides to collide with local aspiring artisans and children forced to produce arts and crafts by their state-sponsored day-care workers/ educators.

In any case, I came across this "mural" depicting what may occur in fifty years time.

Which I found to be equal parts profoundly stupid and chuckle worthy.  The key point of interest to me, of course was that this child's concept that in fifty years "DS styles might (I emphasise MIGHT) change.  Which I found to be enduringly charming.  But, on reflection the comment, "The movie Garfield 2 might not be a popular movie anymore" clearly indicated a parent who may have been doing said child's homework.  No child could have come up with that on their own, and if they did, they can guest host on the next Game Under Podcast.