I am big! It's the pictures that got small.

I'll get directly to it. Here is an image of my game inventory. The column with the numbers in it indicate the number of games I have for that console.

Yeah... Jaguar beats out 3DS.

Yeah... Jaguar beats out 3DS.

The encouraging thing about this presentation of data is that the PS3, of the dearly departed generation, at least made it into the top five, and the 360 made it into the top ten (this indicates no bias, the regional lock on the 360 stopped my purchases in 2008, upon my return to Australia).

The discouraging aspect though, is that this listing indicates an aging gamer, or alternately a lack of evidence of evolution. The best games should be the newest games right?

What balances out all of this is the rise of my PC collection. Since getting a real internet connection it has gone from 16 games to 132 in just over two years. The games that I've been exposed to on PC, mostly smaller-team games that tend to be more creative, have introduced a decline in my interest in the "published" scene of the consoles.  A similar happening occured when the DVD format was introduced to me for movies -- why go to the cinemas, when I can dig into a trove of more stimulating, off-beat and enriching content from the history of film?

Anyway, starting a new "small game" tonight Blues and Bullets, while I wait for the next episode of Life is Strange. And isn't it?

(Oh and, if you didn't know what the headline meant, Sunset Boulevard).