It Only Does Everything

Lately while using my Netflix adapter, I mean PS4, it vomited out a game disc.  You can imagine my suprise. First I had to remember what a PS4 game disc was, then I was more interested in what game I was actually playing 4-5 months ago (Driveclub as it happens). 

After the initial shock that my Netflix adapter was capable of playing Playstion 4 games, I moved on with watching I Dream of Wires, a documentary about the development of synthesizers. While listening for the 40th time about the argument over who invented the modular synth scene, Buchla or Moog, my mind drifted back to the half-ejected disc now lying petulantly prone from the Playstation. 

Say "Ahhh"

Say "Ahhh"

I had earlier assumed the console was protesting my lack of play, "Here, take it! I'm obviously not going to use it".  But now an additional, repeating annoying whirring sound was coming from the console (I had assumed, naturally, this was from the synth documentary).

Now alarmed for different reasons, I shut down the PS4 and went online to investigate.

Seems like we have a problem: and by "we" I mean myself. Looks like their solution is to send the PS4 back, most likely to be replaced with a refurbished unit. Given the strong late-year line up of the Xbox ONE, this offer would be much more appealing if Sony were to replace my spewing PS4 with the Microsoft equivelent.


Phil Fogg