Game Under Podcast 44

This week we had a plan, well actually we had The Plan, the recently greenlit game on Steam that is free, 200 MB and takes about 10 minutes to beat. In the spectrum of indy games, where Gone Home is a zero and Guacamelee is a 10, I put it in the middle of the spectrum, almost.  In any case, it would be worth your while to give it a play before hearing our impressions of it. Sincere apologies for forgetting to mention the PS2 game, KA (Mr. Mosquito).

We also reach back and have a Tom Towers Aural Review of Red Steel 2, which gives us good reason to re-examine the possibilities of alternate controls and the French.

1954 Alcatraz, a new game from German adventure game publisher Daedalic Games is also discussed.

Thanks for listening - Phil Fogg

it's a metaphor man...

it's a metaphor man...