Invest in Metal Shadow: Prelude! Recieve Royalties!


Metal Shadow: Prelude (one of the 30 most popular books on Jukeopop!), the action-packed, anime aestheticed, young adult, adventure, science fiction, high fantasy novel has been chosen by JukePop to be included in its new and innovative investment program.

Unlike other crowd funding projects, if you contribute money to Metal Shadow: Prelude you will receive royalties from all future sales if the project is successfully funded. And at an insanely high rate, too! For only $40 you will receive 1% royalties. 1%! Even authors don't get that much from book sales! Look it up. It's actually almost true.

But why invest? I mean, apart from supporting a talented author with an original novel they've been working on for years and years, of course. Well, I'm glad you asked. This is the fastest way to get any PS4 videogame impressions on the Game Under podcast! How? Tom Towers is discretely involved in the project (he’s the guy making sure it's awesome) and vows to invest at least some of his wages into the acquisition of a PS4. Which he will actually play. Unlike certain other PS4-owning podcast co-hosts...

So invest here now! Support a talented writer, make money, and then listen to even more Killzone impressions on the Game Under podcast!