Metro: Last Light Review

After selling out with his last review, Tom Towers is back to confuse and arouse with his esoteric review of Metro: Last Light.

 "It was my own stupidity that first introduced me to the potential of the gameplay. It was the second or third time that I had ventured from the safety of the underground to the grey, dangerous drudgery of the outside world. The rain was falling heavily which meant that it was hard to see because of the thick drops of water collecting on my gas mask’s visor. I had to stop playing soon, so was in a rush. Triumphantly, I reached the climax of the level after a rather dull fight with some monsters whom—while no smarter—were at least more agile and faster than the human cannon fodder. Even so, it still came across as little more than a shooting gallery; their attack patterns predictable and easily intercepted even in the pouring rain."

But, uh, start from the beginning because power outages in the cold are hardly tantamount to sweatshop conditions.