Game Under Episode 9

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"Kissy Face Deals."

Tom Towers and Phil Fogg give analysis of the latest news, E3 hype and predictions
and some hands-on impressions of Remember Me and a mystery game.  We also take our first live call from a listener.

0:00:45 Introductory statements
0:01:30 Games we picked up this week (aka Trademark Banter)

Feature One: E3 Predictions with Our Anonymous Source
0:07:30 Final Fantasy 15?
0:08:25 Final Fantasy 15 a Sony Exclusive?
0:10:50 Respawn's Project an MS Exclusive?
0:12:00 Sony Will Also Have "always on" DRM
0:14:05 Vita Price Drop?
0:18:10 3DS Price Drop? (and why Tom reviles handheld consoles)
0:19:10 Release Dates, but No Prices
0:20:10 What Will Naughty Dog Show?
0:20:55 Fallout 4 and Kingdom Hearts 3?
0:22:25 New Peripheral from Nintendo?
0:24:00 Zelda, SSBU, Metroid?
0:25:25 Wii U Price Drop?
0:29:35 Live call from listener on Last Guardian E3 Predictions.
0:35:00 Tom and Phil talk about The Last Guardian
0:27:20 Sony's Indy/ Art Obsession

First Impressions
0:37:55 Remember Me
1:01:50 Mystery Game Preamble
1:04:35 Mystery Game Impressions

1:12:45 The Straight Dope from Microsoft on Xbox One
1:14:55 Phil's Brain Completely Melts Down, mentions Bin Laden and US Immigration Policy (and Apple)
1:16:15 Straight Dope Resumes
1:23:30 Sony's Dilemma
1:26:05 The Console Future for Phil and Tom
1:28:06 Keifer is Snake? Snaaaake!
1:32:00 (Same Topic) Why GTA4 Should Have Been a Call to Jihad (just kidding NSA)
1:34:26 (Same Topic) He's not even American
1:35:01 (Same Topic) Fake Australians
1:36:23 Last of Us Critical Reception
1:43:40 Trickery (and mis-pronunciation of hyperbole) - Greater discussion of reviews
1:48:30 Animal Crossing Reviews
1:52:11 Drunken Dude Busted (Tekken related)
1:55:41 Final E3 Predictions from Phil

Final Impressions
1:56:22 Remember Me (no seriously)
2:01:33 Deadly Premonition (farewell, sweet prince)