Game Under Episode 8

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0:00:37 Intro
0:01:12 Trademark Banter
0:04:15 Red Dead Redemption: Undead First Impressions
0:04:50 Resident Evil: Revelations and discussion on back-tracking
0:12:20 Police Quest
0:17:15 Pirate's Booty
0:21:00 Normal
0:21:30 Ladders in Video Games
0:23:20 Metro: Last Light Final Thoughts
0:26:30 What's worse? Bad enemy AI or bad Ally AI?

Feature Number One
0:39:10 Next Gen Graphics?

0:59:44 Xbox One Update (What if Sony does the same thing?)
1:01:55 MLB The Show. Outrage.
1:06:06 Blizzard is Melting
1:11:50 Sonic Mario Galaxy
1:13:30 Warren Spector is a Clown (and Wolfenstein 3D trivia)

First Impressions
1:17:40 Costume Quest (and parental advice)
1:19:00 Great Intros in Games
1:21:40 Septerra Core [sic]
1:25:25 To the Moon
1:38:10 Autism
1:42:30 Proteus

YakuzaKillzONE Minute
1:50:10 Wii U Version is an "experiment"

Deadly Premonition Special (Spoiler Free)
1:55:47 Tom Gets Sucked In