Game Under Episode 7

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2:00 Xbox One Conference
8:50 Game.Com  Console Gets Some Respect
8:55 Back to Xbox One Conference
21:55 Tom's Scathing Attack on Microsoft

22:55 Phil's Shameless Defense of Microsoft
26:20 Resumption of Xbox One Conference Discussion
38:30 What the Wii Did Right With Motion Control

48:30 The Positives of the Xbox One Reveal
50:40 The Look of the PS4
51:40 So What about the Copyright Infringing Directional Pad?

Final Thoughts (Games We Finished)
58:45 Malicious (PS3/ Vita)
1:05:59 Resistance 3 Best FPS of this Generation?
1:09:30 Tomb Raider Impressions

First Impressions (Games We Started)
1:31:10 Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut

Tom Tower's Mindless Self Indulgence
2:14:17 An Excerpt From Malicious