1. Establish a consistent format over all written word articles?

2. Post Torn Blanket in place of a podcast next week.

3. More consistent podcast preparation.

4. Add images to reviews where available.

5. Post an editorial so that the page isn't bare.

6. Test out RSS feed on right section of The Written Word pieces, and also putting them inside an outline.

7. look into podcast directory submittal for Xbox Music/ Podcasting.

8. look into podcast directory submittal for Google Play.

9. Explore other podcast directories to submit to.

10. Closure: (segment title) in which we give the final word on games we've previously discussed.

11. Build up backlog of original content for posting on non-podcast weekends.


Thomas Was Alone Review (depending on promptness transfer to Laser Lemming; unlikely.)

The Walking Dead Review (alternatively, or as well as, Laser Lemming second opinion.)

Collaboration Spec Ops Review (The structure would be that of a normal review; not of a back and forth conversation as most reviews involving multiple people follow (because they are almost always so stupid and pointless; just make a podcast if you want to do that. This is in some ways parodying that). So, writing style aside, if someone was reading the review they would not be able to tell it was written by two people. Thus any contradictory statements would not even be acknowledged; effectively delivered deadpan. The main purpose would not be to function as a particularly useful or accurate review, but a patchwork of stupidity that may or may not result in a cohesive whole. The preferred writing system (for me) would be that we write the review taking it in turns from beginning to end. I'd write several paragraphs, then you'd write several paragraphs, until one of us reaches some sort of conclusion. If that sounds like too much for you taking into account mental energy, or you just don't have much interest in doing it (feel free to say so), if you could still manage to put down a few random review-like statements about the game that I could then use with me filling in the blanks that you didn't cover would be appreciated; once again, feel free to say no, though. And yes, I know it sounds incredibly stupid, but it's me we're talking about. We both know it will be good.) :P And (if successful) it would still function as a successful review of Spec Ops for reasons far too ridiculous to mention here, but let's just say that such a stylistic choice is very much relevant to Spec Ops itself. ^Wall.

Australian Noir Double Feature Review (Gross Misconduct and Ground Zero: Melbourne setting; sexual harassment, technological docudrama feel ala Kanas City Confidential and He Walked By Night (also features the first ever trunk shot) respectively.

Father and Son Review (using low budget television production values to effect; contrast between indoors and outdoors complimenting the relationship: homoerotic interpritation false, but possible due to authenticity.

The Casual Vacancy Review (I should probably read it first. If I can bear to.)

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